Lynn the Spir​itual Medium

 Lynn LeClere is a third generation certified spiritual medium.  Lynn has an amazing gift of spiritualism that she is honored and proud to share with you.  God, her spiritual guides, your family members and friends bring forth these loving, evidential and healing messages. 
Lynn receives these messages through the gift of sight, symbols and by hearing the direct voices of the dearly departed. Lynn's abilities have far surpassed the expectations of many of her family, friends and colleagues. She has shared this gift for over twenty years with thousands of clients validating that our love ones are still with us. Their love never dies in the continuum of life.

Lynn reads for clients in person and / or over the phone. Both readings are available to accommodate you. The information that Lynn shares with you is not hindered in any way if done via phone. Phone readings can be scheduled for anyone. Anywhere. Unfortunately, Lynn does not do parties anymore. She prefers the one on one friendliness and warmth of a in person reading. She does welcome a small group of four people to travel together and be read privately
back to back. 

​Warmest wishes and God Bless